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Monday, April 06, 2009


For those planning to visit Miami, I can already tell you that this city is a lot more historical and folkorical than you may think. Just outside my hotel is a small plaque marking the site where, in 1933, an assassin's bullet intended for Franklin D. Roosevelt missed its target and struck Chicago mayor Anton J. Cermak. Falling to the ground mortally wounded, Cermak uttered the immortal words, "I'm glad it was me instead of you." Really. Think how different U.S. history might have been.

Just a few yards away is a statue of the late Claude D. Pepper, looking heroically nerdy, just as he did in real life and just as he was. The simple inscription reads, "Champion of the poor and disadvantaged." It's not to be missed.

Across the water is the Royal Caribbean cruise line dock, flanked by ENORMOUS floating hotels. They're actually grotesque. Further across the bay is Miami Beach. Been there, done that. Fuggedaboutit.

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Cervantes said...

And oh yeah -- Congressman Pepper is forever staring at the cruise ships.