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Monday, December 14, 2009

Creative Invective Contest

I have made a half-hearted and as yet feckless effort to compose a flame worthy of the loathing and disdain I feel for the Dishonorable Joseph Lieberman (Lieberman for Lieberman Party).

It is now apparent that The Last Honest and Godly Man cares for only one thing -- revenge on the Democratic voters of Connecticut who spurned him in 2006, and doing the most damage he possibly can to the Democratic Party, the current Democratic presidency, and the principles of that he once pretended to believe in. Lieberman is a malignant narcissist who takes joy from the deaths of innocents, because they demonstrate his power. There is no more vile and repulsive politician on the earth.

If anyone has anything meaningful to add to that, go to it. I have avoided vulgarity and profanity here, but you're welcome to them in the comments. I detest that man. I detest everyone who doesn't detest him. I detest everyone who doesn't lie awake at night detesting him, and who doesn't dream about detesting him when they finally do fall asleep, and who doesn't dream about detesting everyone who doesn't dream about detesting him. Oh hell, here's some vulgarity after all. I shit in the milk of his mother, his grandmothers, and his great grandmothers unto the seventh generation. May he be flushed down the sewer of history. Feh.

Update: Kevin Drum lays out a recent chronology of the Last Honest Man's virulent mendacity. Is there no limit to the humiliation Harry Reid will endure, or does he actually enjoy it?


roger said...

amen. or the atheist equivalent. maybe....right on. i'm not so happy, he said in dramatic understatement, with several other senators, the president, a bunch of congresspersons, my governator and state legislature, etc, etc.

joe is particularly nasty.

nice vulgar curse.

C. Corax said...

Holy Joe is a weeping postule on the syphilitic member of a meth-crazed male prostitute. I'd say he sold his soul to the devil, but it's pretty clear he has no soul. Petty, vicious, ugly ugly ugly.

And I have to agree with Roger: I am completely disgusted by the Democrats and Hopey Changey Obama. A pox (and NO health insurance) on them all.