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Friday, February 05, 2010

Sorry for limited posting . . .

I've been caught up in a bit of a creative frenzy here. So, to distract y'all while that's going on, this is probably a total boondoggle but if it ever actually works out we'll enter an entirely new age of civilization. Your tax dollars are still at work trying to develop controlled nuclear fusion power, as they have been for more than 40 years. (When I was in college, Lyndon LaRouche claimed they had already done it but the oil companies were suppressing it.)

As you probably haven't heard from CBS News, there are a whole lot of credible people such as the CEOs of several large oil companies who are saying that Peak Oil is now, 2010. I've pretty much steered clear of the Peak Oil cultists here because what the heck do I know about the subject of petroleum? But if they are right the world is going to change much faster than you think. Just a thought for a chilly February day.


M. Simon said...

1. Oil: 60% of the oil in known fields is still in the ground. New recovery methods currently being developed should make at least 1/2 of that 60% recoverable. Peak oil is for rubes.

2. Polywell Fusion experiments funded by the US Navy are promising. And the best part? We Will Know In Two Years or less.

Cervantes said...

Mebbe, but the CEO of Petrobras is not a rube.