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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Second Coming

I wonder if the anywhere from 87,000 to 1 million people (consensus estimate: 87,001) who showed up on Saturday for the world historical event at the Lincoln Memorial didn't go away disappointed. Here they were expecting to get the inside dope on the imminent plan by the Communist Fascist Islamist Terrorist Anti-American Anti-Christ who has seized state power to confiscate their guns and round them up into FEMA concentration camps so that Mexican drug gangs can take over the U.S. as the vanguard of the UN One World Government leading ultimately to imposition of Sharia law. Then they were going to get the details on the massive grassroots mobilization to use Second Amendment remedies to thwart the conspiracy, followed by everybody being issued an automatic rifle and given their personal deployment orders.

Instead they got a lot of religious claptrap and some stale jive about honoring The Holy Troops of blessed name. It is entirely unclear how this reclaims the Civil Rights movement on behalf of middle aged middle class white people obsessed with their own victimhood. Nor is it clear how this restores America's Honor, nor is it clear what exactly is supposed to have happened to America's Honor in the first place. It seems to me that if Glenn Beck continues to morph from a purveyor of right wing paranoia and white resentment into a Mormon prophet of Christian dominion, he's going to lose some of his fans.

Just sayin'.

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C. Corax said...

Yup. My brother is a batsh*t insane Second Amendment equals the Constitution gun-sucker, but he HATES Xtian fundies. I'm sure he's found a happy home somewhere else in the World of Hate.