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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playing dress up

One of the oddest things, to me, about preachers of just about all persuasions is that they have to wear bizarre, atavistic clothing. Joseph Ratzinger is making a much ballyhooed trip to the UK, wearing an elaborate ball gown and a hat modeled after a nuclear warhead.  I recently attended a funeral at a high Episcopal church and the preacher went through various rituals of donning and removing an embroidered shawl depending on whether he was passing out crackers, mumbling mumbo jumbo, or ringing bells.  Of course, the shawl also went on top of a white dress with slashes on the sleeves, sort of like a military officer from a tinpot dictatorship.  Islamic preachers also have to wear funny hats.

To me, it just makes them all look ridiculous.  But I don't purport to be the fashion police.  What I don't understand is why the heck God wants them to look silly.  If they are channeling His holy word or spiritual energy or mystic presence or whatever it is they are supposedly doing, I should think that would shine out all on its own.  I don't see how it is enhanced by a weird costume.  Maybe a believer out there can explain it to me.


roger said...

what can one say about men who wear dresses without insulting someone somewhere.

davidknz said...

The atheists prayer: "Lord protect me from your followers......" ;-)