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Friday, September 10, 2010

The United States of Idiocy

As I understand it, we have many competing independent corporations that provide information about current events over radio, broadcast and table TV, in print, and by means of your miraculous Intertubes. Their reporters and editors are free to tell us about any subject they choose. Is this correct?

So I'm sure somebody has a perfectly good explanation of how it is that our entire political discourse can be hijacked for an entire week by a random low IQ wackjob from nowhere who has some stupid plan that he talks about stupidly.


robin andrea said...

Someone likes our country all riled up and on edge about everything that is seriously unimportant. The important stuff is so boring and requires actual journalism and questions and stuff.

I've been thinking though about what I could do to hijack the news for a week. It's something to ponder.

David said...

Follow the money... What state or organisation stands to benefit most from an increasingly irrational American hysteria against all things Islamic??

Cervantes said...

Hmm. David, I think I know where you're going with that, but right-wing evangelicals who see the Israel-Arab thing as being at the heart of the imminent Armageddon are more where this finger points. Sadly, the Israeli right has happily accepted their "support."

Agreed, the "special relationship" distorts our view of the Islamic world but be careful about overextending that point, I say. The "defense" lobby and demagogues in general who rely on fear mongering are just as much in the mix.

robin andrea said...

This is also an interesting explanation of the sudden vehement anti-Islamic outrage coming from the right.