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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Religion and morality

I deleted it immediately, but I recently had a commenter making death threats against PZ Myers on behalf of Jesus. (I thought about leaving it up for a while on the principle of res ipsa loquitur but I decided it was just too vile.)

I find it interesting that many apologists for religion claim that faith is the only possible source of morality. I have never heard of atheists threatening or wishing for violence against believers; whereas it is quite common for believers to perpetrate violence in the name of their God, threaten violence, call for God to smite the infidels, and/or predict that God will do so. What does that tell you about religion and morality?

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Anonymous said...

Religion infantalizes people - this is just another facet of it. That those who don't believe deserve to die and suffer eternal damnation is much a clearer, black-and-white message than "they're different from us, let's understand why"