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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This is the real deal, folks

As many have long suspected, a Wikileaks cable now provides strong evidence that Saudi Arabia has been grossly overstating its oil reserves, and will be unable to increase output from present levels.

The meaning of this is crystal clear: the world we have known is ending. You would think that a large faction of the corporatist regime in the U.S. would actually want to do what is necessary to defend a dynamic U.S. economy as oil prices soar and availability shrinks in the decade ahead. Instead, they are spending their tens of millions bribing politicians and deceiving the public to make sure we do nothing.

I don't get it.


C. Corax said...

Because they are rich enough that they don't have to worry. They can afford it at any price, and dan the rest of us.

Jessica said...

So now that I don't believe in God anymore, I'm not sure how to deal with the idea of a coming secular apocalypse. Do you have suggestions?