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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A truly sick society

I had the plumber in this morning for a minor problem. He happened to notice my musical instruments. "Oh, is that a saxophone?" Yep, it's a Beuscher Aristocrat tenor sax made in 1927. "And that's a trumpet?" Yep, and that's a cornet.

He told me he wanted to play the trumpet when he was a kid. Why didn't he? Because he would have been teased unmercifully. For playing the trumpet?

Yep, that's what Brockton High School is like. Apparently the trumpet is a faggy instrument, you have to play the guitar or something.

We have no future.


C. Corax said...

I heard a similar story out this way, in the Happy Valley. A boy had a particular talent on the violin and thoroughly enjoyed playing it...but his classmates ridiculed him because it is a "girl's" instrument, so he switched to piano, which he doesn't enjoy anywhere near as much.

kathy a. said...

i hope you told him it's OK to learn the trumpet, for dog's sake.

Cervantes said...

I told him it wasn't too late, yeah. Doubt he'll ever do it though.