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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Never speak ill of the dead

Hi, I'm Randy Ooney.

Here's a random collection of banal objects. This is a box of cereal. Why can't cereal come in a canister? Who made that rule?

This is a roll of toilet paper. Who invented toilet paper, anyway? We know who invented the telephone and the light bulb, but what's more important? Was it Scott? I don't know.

These are double A batteries, and triple A batteries, and D batteries. What ever happened to B and C?

Somebody sent me this eyebrow trimmer. Who ever trims their eyebrows? I certainly don't.

For CBS News, this is Randy Ooney, good night. And why the heck is anybody sitting and watching this inanity? That's what I'd really like to know.


roger said...

i tend to read kinda fast so i saw "satanic" where you had "satiric"

works both ways.

robin andrea said...

Hey Randy, you should have your own show! said...

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