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Monday, March 26, 2012

Christian faith

I believe I have mentioned before that I OD on NPR thanks to my long commute. This morning it got truly weird. It seems crowds have gathered in front of the Supreme Court to demonstrate for or against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Of course very few of them know anything about the legal issues at stake, they just want the court to vote their way.

The reporter decided to interview a single protester, and naturally she chose a guy who was against the act. Specifically, he was against it because he is a Christian. He and his friends had come to pray "that God will be enthroned in our hearts, and that he will intervene with the Justices" to make the right decision and rule the Act unconstitutional.

I certainly hope that the gentleman will choose prayer as the means to achieve all of his objectives. Pray on, my friend! Pray 24 hours a day! True, one might ask why, if God is all powerful and God hates the Affordable Care Act, he allowed it to become law in the first place. Given that he has the power to intervene in the decision processes of judges he presumably could have done the same with legislators. But I guess he was waiting for enough prayers.

That aside, the more interesting question is where exactly in Christian doctrine and morality one finds condemnation of open enrollment, community rating, and mandatory purchase of health care insurance with subsidies for affordability. I've been combing through the Gospels and the Epistles and I'm afraid I'm not finding it. Perhaps one of those sophisticated theologians can explain it to me.


robin andrea said...

Logic and religion? No such thing.

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