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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Who will rid us of this disgusting political party?

As physician Mary Tinetti reminds us in the new JAMA, the whole "death panels" lie campaign is one of the worst acts of political malpractice since the Iraq war. (I believe you will just be able to read the first 100 words, because you aren't a member of our secret society.) As you may recall, the idea that Medicare would pay for you and your doctor to discuss your wishes for end of life care, called Advanced Care Planning, was popular on both sides of the aisle in the Capitol until Sarah Palin started blathering about "death panels."

Dr. Tinetti tells us that she has had 2 patients' families accuse her of being part of a government conspiracy to murder their parents because she asked them if they wanted to talk about their goals for care and how she could make decisions in accordance with those goals. That's what you get for listening to the Alaskan airhead and vulgar pigboy. Since 2 1/2 million people die in the U.S. every year pretty common and something we probably ought to plan for, but people have been lied and terrorized into not doing it.

Dr. Tinetti criticizes the president for giving in to this evil, and not speaking out to correct the lies and fear mongering. Granted, he has a lot of lies to deal with all at once, but I have a feeling he could actually win with the public.

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