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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bad News

Coca Cola's earnings jump due to big growth in sales. "Revenue grew 6 percent to $11.14 billion, compared with $10.5 billion in the first quarter last year, propelled by a 5 percent increase in sales volume driven by even larger increases in emerging markets. After India [20% growth!], China experienced the greatest growth, 9 percent, followed by a more modest 4 percent in Brazil."

Good news if you own stock in the company, I suppose, but bad news if you are a human being. The Coca Cola corporation sells poison. That's the business they are in. They make their money by killing people. Kelly Brownell and colleagues explain the benefits of a tax on sugary beverages that would be steep enough to push down sales. But the merchants of obesity and diabetes have more than enough political clout to prevent this from happening. Coca Cola funded the American Legislative Exchange Council to do some of their dirty work, and of course we got Stand Your Ground and other noxious legislation as a side effect.

We have got to stop these evil scum. That is all.


roger said...

as a species we are too dumb to survive.

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