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Friday, June 08, 2012


With 7 billion people on the planet, there are going to be a few serious weirdos. If one in a billion kills guys and mails their body parts around, kills and eats his roommate, or eats a guy's face, you're going to have an example here and there. On the other hand, your personal chances of having it happen to you are, under my stated assumption, one in a billion. Even if it's one in 10 million, is it really more important than the collapse of planet's marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the destruction of civilization?

Just wondering. Your editorial judgment may differ.


Anonymous said...

George Carlin wrote about how the earth would be better off without humans. I hate to say it but as I get older I'm agreeing with him--with the exception of humans such as Back, Shakespeare, Einstein, Gandhi . . . etc. This is the paradox. Humans en masse are seemingly not worth being saved, but there have been such great ones. Then at the other end, there's Charlie Manson, Dick Cheney, the entire Bush family, etc.

Regarding June 12th's column, check out:

Anonymous said...

Make that BACH . . .