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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time to see if I can qualify for Irish citizenship

Honestly folks, if if one schtickdreck is openly boasting that he's going to donate $100,000,000 to get Mitt Romney elected president, we do not live in a Republic. Notice, by the way, that this man is a total idiot. His reasons are that a) Barack Obama is a socialist and we're now living under socialism and b) Barack Obama is insufficiently friendly to Israel. In other words, it is loyalty to a country other than the United States, along with paranoid ignorance, that motivates him. Many people are trying to say, don't worry about it, spending all that money isn't going to work. Sorry to have to disagree -- it'll work just fine. Remember that it doesn't just buy advertisements, it buys the corporate media that get paid to carry the advertising. And it isn't aimed at you, all smart and well-informed and capable of seeing through the bullshit and hey, you don't watch TV anyway or at least you skip the ads. It's aimed at the people on whom it does work, and there are plenty of them. Hell, some of them are even as stupid as Sheldon Adelson. Tell me why we aren't completely screwed. I'm listening.

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