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Thursday, November 15, 2012

All twits considered

So I'm driving home last night and comes now Gary Loveman, operator of gambling casinos (audio link) who appears as a representative of the CEOs who met with the prez yesterday. He explains that we have to get the federal deficit under control, but if marginal tax rates are raised on the wealthy, it will destroy jobs. The mechanism is that rich people won't have as much money to gamble with, so he'll have to reduce some shifts.

Of course the interviewer doesn't challenge this. I mean, if you're the CEO of Caesar's, you're a serious person, right? I'm just a babbler on the radio, who am I to question anything you say?

At least we finally know how it is that the rich are the "job creators." They do it by gambling in Las Vegas. The Republicans had not gotten around to explaining that before.

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