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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some worthwhile propaganda

Check out Science works for us, a web site created by a consortium of research universities to explain why threatened cuts in federal funding for scientific research will be bad for the economy, and bad for you. (They even have a map you can click on to see what will happen to funding that comes to your state.)

Yeah yeah, federal spending on scientific research is soshulism. Here's the problem Sen. Paul: knowledge is a public good. That means that even according to the bogus Economics 101 theory you embrace, it won't be produced in sufficient quantity by private enterprise. Of course, you don't believe in scientific conclusions anyway, you prefer that we remain ignorant.

If congress doesn't act affirmatively before January 1, federal funding for scientific research will be reduced immediately by 8%. It's already the lowest it's been in a decade, in real dollars. Funding for research (and that includes the military, BTW) is only 2% of the federal budget, but it generates huge profits for society, part of which is returned to the treasury in taxes.

Making these cuts will be absolutely nuts. Write or call your representatives in congress and tell them to make sure it doesn't happen.

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