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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The world's most ignorant idiot

That's a little bit more specific than "Worst Person in the World," but probably too kind.

New Hampshire state representative Mark Warden.

The Republican Party must have a highly sophisticated search strategy to find these psychos.  But then people actually vote for them.

People used to wonder why people -- mostly women -- stay in abusive relationships. But now we understand that is a really stupid question. They're abusive, get it? One person is controlling another through intimidation, threats, psychological manipulation, and physical violence actual or latent. You can't just leave because the person has power to hurt you. You are not just "free to go, that's the whole point.

That is not a "love hate relationship," it's exploitation, assault, violation, oppression, and yes, the government and the law, as the embodiment of the expressed will of society, has a right and a responsibility to combat it and help abused people get free.

Mark Warden, schtick dreck.

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Anonymous said...

There might be many more ignorant idiots than this article suggests.

“Rep. Warden’s comments point to an overall lack of education around the dynamics involved in an international violence relationship. It can be incredibly difficult for a victim of international violence to leave because of how much power and control their abuser has over their lives,” she wrote in an email. “The simple truth is no one enjoys being assaulted by an abuser – and for anyone to say otherwise speaks from a place of ignorance.”

Only 2 words were changed.. Anyone heard of Iraq??