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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Republicans is Weird

Now they're outraged that doesn't work right, demanding the head of Kathleen Sebelius and gearing up for endless hearings and hostile grillings of administration officials.

Am I missing something here? They don't want the website to work. If people sign up for insurance, it will be slavery, communism, and fascism. The only thing standing between us and the destruction of America as we know it is the fact that the web site doesn't work. If they fix it, we'll be living under the iron heel of tyranny like those enslaved Swedes and Canadians.

Well, actually it would be more like the Swiss, who are required by their sadistic overlords to blow giant wooden trumpets while wearing leather short pants with suspenders and expensive watches; and who also get to choose among various private insurance plans with subsidies for lower income people. Yes, it's a horrific vision. We will know that God has truly withdrawn his protection from America if the web site ever works.


robin andrea said...

Oh there you go being all rational again. Don't try. It'll only make you crazy and old before your time.

Cervantes said...

It's a brave new world where being rational makes you crazy. Or, as I always say, anybody who isn't paranoid is nuts.