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Friday, October 25, 2013

Time Warp

Amanda Marcotte notices what seems to have been oddly under the radar lately, which is the Republican party taking up the cause of banning contraception. It went almost unnoticed that one of their fallback demands in the government shutdown was to eliminate the requirement for contraception coverage in insurance plans. Since 99% of women have used contraception, and only 8% of Americans think it's morally wrong, this does not seem to be a winning cause.

She has some good snark, too:

Clearly, no matter how much hand-waving is going on, many Republicans are trying to demonize contraception, a wildly unpopular position that frankly makes them look like lunatics. But they obviously don’t understand that this is what happens when they threaten to run the government into the ground to keep even a handful of women away from contraception or characterize one as “promiscuous” just because you don’t hate contraception.

Clearly, many Republicans live in a bubble world, constructed of right wing media and Bible-thumping bedroom communities where they get almost no exposure to the fact that some of their ideas are just plain weird. These politicians are supposed to be representatives of the people, but many of them clearly haven’t even considered the possibility that they sound like they’ve been transported here in a time machine from 1963. When I hear some Republican trying to imply that birth control pills are some kind of great controversy in America, I often wonder how their staffers hide the existence of color television from them, much less iPhones and electric cars. The modern world is clearly not the one they’re living in.

Well yeah. It does finally seem to have gotten to the point where their extremism, hypocrisy and detachment from reality are overcoming racial resentments and tribal loyalties to the point where even the Koch brothers' money can't save them. I'd like to think so anyway. Because the alternative, that these refugees from the 12th Century could actually seize state power in the U.S., is unthinkable.

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robin andrea said...

It is unthinkable that they could seize power, and yet they do have control of the House. Gerrymandering goes a long way to help them, but in larger elections, they are total losers. It is both a horror and a relief that they are as stupid, racist, and loud-mouthed as they are. I won't have to figure out how to bury them as long as they keep on burying themselves.