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Saturday, November 30, 2013

One of life's enduring mysteries

Yesterday one of the headlines on CNN was "Mike Tyson tells Piers Obamacare is bad."

Yup, if I have one go-to person on health care policy, it's Mike Tyson. Nobody has a more distinguished career in policy analysis than Iron Mike, and there's nobody I'd rather have bite my ear off.

So, what explains the utter, screaming stupidity of the corporate media? Do they give candidates for editorial positions an IQ test and if it exceeds room temperature, toss out their resumes?

Alternatively, are they not actually blithering idiots, but on a mission to degrade the public discourse and stupefy the population? If so, why? Whose idea is it to replace the brains of the U.S. population with mush? What is the ultimate goal of the conspiracy?

Just wondering.

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