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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Update on Previous Post

I have to link to The Guardian because as of this writing, it is completely unmentioned on the web sites of CNN, CBS, and ABC. (11:00 am ET)

Representatives of most of the world's poor countries have walked out of increasingly fractious climate negotiations after the EU, Australia, the US and other developed countries insisted that the question of who should pay compensation for extreme climate events be discussed only after 2015. The orchestrated move by the G77 and China bloc of 132 countries came during talks about "loss and damage" – how countries should respond to climate impacts that are difficult or impossible to adapt to, such as typhoon Haiyan.

We are well and totally screwed.

Update: As of 11:40 am, CNN is reporting that Chi Chi Rodriguez has been hit in the groin by a golf ball.


robin andrea said...

Rich countries are behaving like the corporate rich people who own them. Stupid, selfish, short-sighted, and smug. Yes, we are well and totally screwed.

Anonymous said...

OMG... is Chi Chi OK?!?! Uh what is the rest of your post about?