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Friday, February 21, 2014

Home sick

No post yesterday because I was suffering from a Flu-Like Illness, as we say, and still forced to spend half the morning digging my car out of a snowbank.

If I had posted, you would have learned about my proposal for a revised version of speed golf in which the strokes aren't counted at all, it's only time that matters. (There is an untimed break between holes, other rules  I won't go into -- it works though.)

Also, the four different ways that science fiction does interstellar travel, e.g. the Star Trek method in which the ship just accelerates past the speed of light and you can see stars streaking by through the window; the "jump" version in which the ship gets from here to there nearly instantaneously in a special condition of reality; the "wormhole" version in which you need to use pre-existing flaws in space-time; and the actually possible version in which the journey between stars takes 1,000 years or more and you need to have either suspended animation; frozen zygotes, artificial wombs, and robot nannies; or multi-generational voyages.

Also too, proposals for humanitarian interventions to kill Kim Jong Un.

Fortunately, I refrained from spilling the ravings of the febrile brain. A real post later today.

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robin andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon.