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Friday, February 07, 2014

Two easy ways to stay alive

1) Don't eat sugar. This is the tobacco "controversy" of our day. The linked study notes that refined sugar accounts for more than 10% of the energy intake of most U.S. adults. They're getting it in soda, baked goods, and even processed savory products such as sauces. (Ketchup is largely sugar.) If you get more than 10% of your calories from sugar, they find that your chance of dying from heart disease is 30% higher. If you get more than 25% of your calories from sugar, as many people do, your risk is 2.75 times as high. This is after controlling for body mass index. In other words, it's not the calories, it's the effect of eating sugar on your metabolism. (I've talked about this many times.)

Now, the "food" industry denies all this and resists all public policy initiatives to get people to eat less sugar. Soda and so-called "energy drinks" are poison. This is very easy. You want something sweet? Drink fruit juice. Eat fruit.

2) Don't talk on the phone while driving. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been run off the road or run over while crossing the street by some moron with a phone stuck to the ear. I always give the finger to people who are talking on the phone while driving. It's just as dangerous as driving drunk, maybe more so. What the hell is wrong with people? Fifteen years ago, this was impossible, and we got along just fine. Who the fuck are they talking to? What are they talking about that can't wait ten minutes?

Don't be an irresponsible, dangerous, selfish idiot! Don't do it!


Ferdzy said...

Actually, fruit juice ain't that great either, unless you pick up an orange (for axample) and squeeze it yourself. Mechanical aids are a-okay, but if it comes in some kind of packaging, the odds are very high that it's basically sugar with fruit flavourings, for some value of "natural". Plus you get to see that one orange makes x amount of juice, and that glass you've been tossing down every morning thinking it's healthy? 6x. Yeah. Oops.

Cervantes said...

yes, a lot of bottled beverages that have fruity labels have a lot of added sugar.