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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Conservatism is synonymous with ignorance

I first saw this on Balloon Juice. It seems the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma City found the single, fleeting reference to human evolution in the first episode of Cosmos so offensive that they censored it.

Obviously, Cosmos, as it continues, is going to whip the refugees from the 12th Century who constitute the Republican base into screaming, barely articulate rage. Maybe, just maybe, it will help to move their atavistic idiocy out of the acceptable mainstream.


Michael Keller said...

One thing I'm baffled by: can anyone explain how a show like Cosmos ended up on such an anti-science network like Fox?

Cervantes said...

It's Fox entertainment, not Fox News. They have the Simpsons, for example, which frequently is offensive to both Fox News viewers and Rupert Murdoch. Still, the same schtickdreck owns them both.