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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bizarre Obsessions

It's becoming something of a theme here that the obsessions of the forum are largely insane. For example, is Renée Zellweger really the first performer ever to have plastic surgery? So it would seem.

On to more serious matters, comes now the case of the son of a senior Canadian federal official, with a lengthy history of substance abuse and criminal offending, who was likely mentally ill if we can believe the reports that fellow residents of the homeless shelter where he was living that he was talking about the end of the world. This pathetic individual, acting entirely on his own, killed one person and was then killed by a security guard. He apparently claimed to have converted to Islam although I doubt he knew anything about Islam or had gone through any conversion process or ceremony. But this is the single most important thing that happened all week -- after all the other nothings that were even more important the day before.

Get over it folks.  

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Don Quixote said...

Hey there, Cervantes. Your blogs are being read--not that you may necessarily care--and I am grateful for the daily reality check. Just met someone today in the wilds of Ann Arbor who works in health care policy and shared your blog address. And I've decided that, as messed up as the "insurance marketplace" is, I'll take it over the pricey COBRA benefits (at least $600/month) I'd have to pay after leaving my latest abusive job at Mathematical Reviews in Ann Arbor. Thank goodness for Zingerman's where, perhaps sometime soon but likely not, I'll take your order for holiday lebkuchen to be delivered to your family as a gift on Jesus' birthday.