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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Now this is truly getting ridiculous

A teacher in Maine has been placed on leave because she attended an educational conference in Dallas, 10 miles from Presbyterian hospital. Really. Bring on the killer asteroid, is all I can say.


Don Quixote said...

I'm sure you saw this article, Cervantes:

One more reason, besides his military adventuring, that Barack Obama is such a disappointment.

I was talking to a political consultant here in Ann Arbor who has met Barack on various occasions, and her take was basically that though he speaks well, he is very aloof--in general. That sounds about right to me; I've generally perceived him as a good talker with very little experience in the real world. I think we need a president with street smarts. I have a hard time believing such a bright man continued to pursue the Cheney administration's agenda of make-believe-based warmongering. I mean, pursuing Osama Bin Laden and escalating a war in Afghanistan? How can he be so stupid? Do sitting presidents become enamored of their own perceived power and lose touch with reality? It certainly seems that way . . .

Cervantes said...

Presidents find themselves inside the "deep state," the permanent "national security" establishment, immersed in the world view of the CIA and the NSA which goes on without even an inflection point when the presidential administration changes. They aren't really in charge, they're tools.