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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cancer Treatment Centers of BS

If you share my vice of sometimes watching sports on TV, you have been afflicted with advertisements for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I was inspired to write this post just by looking at the ads. I can't evaluate the quality of whatever actual cancer treatment they provide, but they do not inspire confidence by aggressively promoting quackery and fraud.

One of their ads features a naturopathic "doctor" describing all the wonderful things she does for her patients. Naturopathic "training" consists of exposure to every form of nonsense known to humanity, from homeopathy to acupuncture to ayurvedic and traditional chinese medicine, plus energy therapy and anything and everything else that is preposterous. They then use these indiscriminately depending on their personal whims. Naturopathy is completely worthless.

It turns out that CTCA also screens people for ability to pay - they don't take Medicare or Medicaid, or treat people without insurance. They also tout fraudulent survival statistics. Oh yeah, their owner is a major contributor to the far right group Freedom Works, which he also largely controls.

So how about this? Steer well clear.

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