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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Dog that Didn't Bark

Heard much about the ACA open enrollment period this year? Probably not, and that's because it's been going just fine, thank you, and if it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead. Sayeth Rachan Pradhan at Politico, "Obamacare enrollment ends Sunday night, and all signs point to the White House easily meeting its 2015 targets. The signup season has unfolded so smoothly — so unlike the bumpy drama of the first season— that Americans have scarcely noticed."

Well, how can they notice if the corporate media won't report it? No, the ACA isn't perfect -- that would be universal, comprehensive single payer national health care. People who make too much to qualify for subsidies, and who are healthy, are likely to find non-group insurance a pretty expensive product for something they probably won't use. And yeah, getting them into the pool is very helpful for making the finances work. But still, enrollment of low risk people is good enough.

It's still going to take another year or two for people to figure this thing out and for the late adopters to show up; and with Congress unwilling to fix problems, there are still some people who fall through the cracks. It's never going to achieve universal coverage. But it's better than what we had before, and I can't believe that in time, most people won't come around to seeing that.

However, they need the corporate media to be as interested in reporting success as they are in reporting failure. 

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