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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Biblical Marriage

Juan Cole explains it. I find it fascinating that most of the people who thump the Bible haven't read it. I don't have the link offhand (if anybody wants to look for it please do), but it has been found that atheists typically know more about the Bible than Christians.

Scripture is full of contradictions and absurdities.In any given time and place, it is read, and preached, selectively, to support whatever norms the preachers want to reinforce. Daniel Dennet has found that many ministers become atheists precisely because they are made to study the Bible in the seminary. I recommend to all the faithful that they actually read the Bible, carefully, from cover to cover. Then let's hear what lessons they draw.

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robin andrea said...

I'm pretty sure that opinions are way more important than what's in the bible. A visceral response to any particular situation is enough proof for validity. I've thoroughly enjoyed over the years the remaking of Jesus from the kindly peacemaker to the muscular well-armed patriot. Truly delightful.