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Sunday, July 12, 2015

T. Ronald Dump . . .

. . . or Donald T. Rump, or whatever his name is, has provoked many people to speculate, only half un-seriously, that he may be a double agent. Perhaps Hillary is even secretly financing him.

While that seems implausible, it is hard to figure out what exactly he thinks he is doing. While his ego is unconfined by the extent of the observable universe, surely he does not really believe that he will become president, or even the Republican nominee. Does he? And he doesn't need the publicity, nor is it good for his business, nor is he saying anything that the rest of the Republican candidates aren't saying, he's just saying it more crudely.

But that is not the point of this post. What I'm wondering is why Mr. Rump Dump has an avalanche of opprobrium landing on his head now, with severed business relationships and boycotts, when his insane campaign of birtherism had no such result.  Granted, his pretend interest in running for president previously was even less convincing, but still. He's been a highly offensive lunatic for many years now.

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robin andrea said...

I think he's receiving the opprobrium because he is quite unbelievably up in the popularity polls. People are taking him seriously, even if he is the wackiest thing to even come down an escalator announcing his intention to be a loud-mouthed JERK.