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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Okay, so why Trumpcare?

Ezra Klein is puzzled. Why are the Republicans in congress proposing an Affordable Care Act replacement that will:

  • Balloon the federal deficit;
  • Take insurance away from maybe 15 million people; and
  • Make it more costly for millions more
  • Destroy the market for individual insurance
Klein says: :

It is difficult to say what question, or set of questions, would lead to this bill as an answer. Were voters clamoring for a bill that cut taxes on the rich, raised premiums on the old, and cut subsidies for the poor? Will Americans be happy when 15 million people lose their health insurance and many of those remaining face higher deductibles? 
Well, the voters weren't clamoring for cutting taxes on the rich, but that's all the Republicans in congress actually care about. But Krugthulu has one additional point:

Obviously, Republicans backed themselves into a corner: after all those years denouncing Obamacare, they felt they had to do something, but in fact had no good ideas about what to offer as a replacement. So they went with really bad ideas instead.
Not to worry, it isn't going to pass as it is. But I still expect something bad to happen.


JenBob said...

Obviously, Republicans backed themselves into a corner

Completely agree.

Republicans sent several bills up to President Obama they KNEW he would not sign that would roll back the ACA and now, when they actually have someone that will sign 'em, they wilt.

Unlike President Trump, they are the establishment and owe special interests.

The problem is Washington on both sides is establishment politics. It's why nothing gets done. "Just keep the money flowing..."

Anonymous said...

When the Republicans come up with their awesome alternative to that wretched Obamacare they should demonstrate its superiority by replacing the Cadillac health plan they now enjoy with their new brain child; to cover both themselves and their staffs. Given the abundant financial resources the great majority of Congresspersons have this should be far less of a burden for them than it will be on the vast number of their constituents, who will be stuck with it. They would prove they are craven hypocrites if they didn't.

Oh yes, and none of this "tax credit" crap. It is still a government payment. If you get a $100 reduction in the dues you owe to belong to the Greatest Country (Club) on Earth, how is that different than paying your full dues now and then getting a check from the "Management" for $100 later on? (Other than never having to part with your $100 "tax credit" as dues for even a short time?)

JenBob said...

I don't understand why you only rail against the party who hasn't passed a bill yet regarding this, and not the party that actually made the carve out sweetheart deals for themselves and their staff in the first place.

If you're sincere, you need to reel it in and start hammering on the Democrats. They passed the bill. They did the deed.

Justin Cohen said...

JB--The Democrats "did the deed?" What deed--passing the Affordable Care Act? Then bravi to them! Or the health care insurance for senators and congresspeople? That was Republicans too. You don't hear Paul Ryan calling for the senate and house of reps to sign up for insurance through the marketplace!

Regarding your URL for "Obama's lies" ( like they say, when Obama lied, nobody died.

You can't compare the lies listed--many of then inconsequential, nitpicking, and leading to no one's death--with the lies of Bush (Weapons of Mass Destruction!) or Trump (Everybody will have better health care! And it will be cheaper!...thus leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people when the whole house of cards collapses. Not mention Yemen...not to mention etc. etc. etc.).

Democratic "lies" don't generally lead to millions of deaths, as with Republicans. Just saying.

As for your following from the last post:

"Mr. Cervantes,

A couple of things occurred to me after I responded to you that might make some sense.

1) General Flynn was wiretapped, and it happened at Trump tower. It's not unreasonable to think that other communication in Trump tower might have been compromised.

2) Who really thinks that President Trump would make such a bold assertion without *something*? A logical reason for not offering up the evidence that you want and, instead, asking for Congress to investigate may be to do so would compromise national security.

I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong. I'm just saying that your thinking is one dimensional and you're being pulled into the direction you wish things to be. Trump's detractors have been wrong at everyt turn for the last two years or so. I'd be very careful. A smart person reserves judgement until all the chips are down."

JB, could you possibly be stupider? "Who really thinks that President Trump would make such a bold assertion without *something*?"

Ever heard of George W. Bush and Cheney and "weapons of mass destruction?"

You are such a jackass. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

JB--One further note. I'm sure you'll reply--you seem to like to get the "last word." Which leads me to believe you want to be heard. But for me, in a world where there is so much beauty, your comments seem too often to have a malicious quality to them. A kind of passive maliciousness. And since your comments seem to focus on regurgitated information from sources who don't make cogent, logical points in the first place--and since you seem to have none of your own--I personally have no choice but to ignore your subsequent posts. I wish you the best and hope you find a way to listen and to learn, because what you have to say seems puerile and specious. And by the way--because I listen to and read sources who do make sense--I can tell you two things.

1) Nothing will ever come of ANY claims Donald Trump makes. Because he's a demented, mentally ill, bigoted, narcissistic liar.

2) Donald Trump will not be in office two years from now. Of course, that won't solve all of our problems. But he's simply too mentally ill and criminally connected to last. How he leaves office is none of my concern. I will be glad when he goes.

JenBob said...

Mr. Cervantes,

It's pretty clear that your some of your readers still got the butthurt over the election that liberal Democrats thought they were entitled to.

I think this is just the nature of losing

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that laws should apply to those who pass them. I hope the new health insurance law, whatever it may be, mandates that.

Cuz the last one didn't!

JenBob said...

"Regarding your URL for "Obama's lies" ( like they say, when Obama lied, nobody died."

So, for argument's sake, let's assume Trump just made it up. So, who died?

Are you now willing to afford President Trump the same pass as you give to President Obama?


I'm just showing what a weasel Mr. Justin Cohen really is.

All politicians lie, including Obama.