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Monday, March 06, 2017

The worm Ouroborous

We don't expect the reporters who work for the corporate media to be very intelligent, so let me help them out.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States. If he has information that Barack Obama ordered somebody (presumably the FBI) to "tap his wires," as he put it, for political reasons, he can produce it. It is within his power to declassify and make public any information at all. For him to call for a congressional investigation of this charge is ridiculous. The congress would simply subpoena records which are, at this very moment, in his possession. He is asking them, in other words, to investigate himself in order to force him to produce what he can already produce if he so chooses.

Ergo, no such records exist and he is a big fat liar. But we already knew that. The problem is that our "journalists" can just say so. Oh yeah, then there are those Republicans in congress  . . .

Then there's the case of James Comey, who is screwed, but I have no sympathy for him, it's his own fault. Expect him to be fired shortly. Then the DoJ Inspector General's report will come out . . .


robin andrea said...

I knew this absurd administration was going to be crazy bad, but the level of insanity surprises me.

JenBob said...

I would have rather anyone who makes assertions have something to offer up front as evidence.

That being said, I remember the Lewinsky affair where there were accusations without evidence and repeated denials for about 8 months or so and *then* the evidence came to light. And all of those stooges Bill sent out to call his accusers liars had some serious egg on their collective faces.

Also, there was Watergate where accusations flew, but it took some time to ferret out the truth.

So, instead of reflexively calling the president a liar at this time with no more evidence of that than he has presented about the phone bugging, I'm going to sit tight and let this play way or the other.

I can always call the president a liar later.

Cervantes said...

If you haven't called him a liar yet, you never will. And as usual, you didn't even read what I wrote. If there is evidence that Obama "tapped his wires," Trump ALREADY HAS IT. He's the president. Doofus.

JenBob said...

Yes...of course...because the president and the intelligence community who would have this information have such a great relationship, I'm sure they're falling all over themselves to make sure he gets any evidence available. More likely, he's going to have to bust some heads to get anything from them.

And then there's the political aspect. What's stronger? His flapping gums saying he was wiretapped or a congressional committee coming to that same conclusion?

Hey, and he may be shown upto be a liar. You may turn out to be right.

A lie is an intentional deception.

Nixon was a liar. Bill Clinton was a liar. Obama was a liar. Wouldn't be the first time a president lied.

Anonymous said...

No, Obama wasn't a liar, JB. Name his lie...then substantiate your allegation :-)

Jenbob said...

More if you need it...just ask

JenBob said...

Mr. Cervantes,

A couple of things occurred to me after I responded to you that might make some sense.

1) General Flynn was wiretapped, and it happened at Trump tower. It's not unreasonable to think that other communication in Trump tower might have been compromised.

2) Who really thinks that President Trump would make such a bold assertion without *something*? A logical reason for not offering up the evidence that you want and, instead, asking for Congress to investigate may be to do so would compromise national security.

I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong. I'm just saying that your thinking is one dimensional and you're being pulled into the direction you wish things to be. Trump's detractors have been wrong at everyt turn for the last two years or so. I'd be very careful. A smart person reserves judgement until all the chips are down.

roger said...

"I would have rather anyone who makes assertions have something to offer up front as evidence."

"Trump's detractors have been wrong at everyt turn for the last two years or so."

JenBob said...

It's pretty easy to stand behind both of these statements.

Look, we were ALL offered two different versions of a shit sandwich. Both parties offered up the worst candidate available to them. And in all fairness, Trump was not *my* first choice. There is no doubt his presidency will have some warts just as most all of em' do (think Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter).

Even though I would have preferred someone else, Trump *IS* the president and I'll honor the office and give him a little slack until he proves to be a crook.