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Thursday, December 21, 2017

The S word

Brad DeLong is an economist at the University of California. He is also an extremely active blogger. Here he addresses the plutocrats who support the Republican party and the tax heist scam. He asks them to look beyond the pile of money now in front of them, and consider the fate of their grandchildren:

In the America the politicians you support are building, it may well become the case that one day your grandchildren are in the center of a web of political influence, and the next day they will find themselves not: Some of them will be involuntary guests at the Wichita Ritz-Carlton, The rest will try to make a run for it in the Learjet, or in the rubber boat. So is it really wisdom on your part to want to win this round?

To be blunt: a social democratic middle-class society is much better society in which to have a large stock of entrepreneurial, inherited, or rent-derived wealth than is a communist society. But it is also a much friendlier society to the wealthy than is a fascist society. And social democracy and fascism—hard or, if you are lucky, soft—are the only options the future will allow: tertium non datur.
 Socialism is a word. It has a meaning. It is not an expletive.


Don Quixote said...

The failure of the plutocrats to see beyond their pocketbooks leaves one speechless. It is a form of insanity born of the Thanatos urge. But as they say, that's the problem with crazy people--they don't know they're crazy.

Gay Boy Bob said...

Great Article

Mr. DeLong speaks from a socialist's point of view and boy oh boy, is he ever butthurt over this last election!

It's really great that he thinks the public is too stupid to make these choices...choices that he doesn't like.

Democracy, Brad...get some!

"Elections have consequences."
--Barack Obama

Cervantes said...

Trump lost the election by 3 million votes, even though he conspired with Vladimir Putin to steal the election and the corporate media was strongly biased in his favor.

178.4 million people are represented by the 48 senators who caucus with the Democrats.
144.1 million people are represented by the 52 senators who caucus with the Republicans.
65.9 million people voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine to be their president and vice president
63.0 million people voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to be their president and vice president.

Gay Boy Bob said...

Trump was not my choice.
Tens of millions of voters were forced into a choice between two crap sandwiches.
The only reason anyone makes that choice is because one stinks less.

And while your stats may soothe your butthurt, it’s simply not true that Hillary won. If she did, she’d be sitting in the Whitehouse
She isn’t.
I have taken Hillary’s advice and accepted the election results.
I suggest you do the same

Gay Boy Bob said...

One of the big complaints from the critics of the new tax overhaul is the individual cuts expire in 2024.

My question is would you like the bill better if those were permanent?