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Friday, January 12, 2018

Shithole country

The Asshole-in-Chief wants immigrants to come to the U.S. from Norway. Funny thing, though -- nobody in Norway wants to move to the U.S.

Norway is ranked first in the world in the UN Human Development Index. (The U.S. is ranked 10th.) The standard of living in Norway is among the highest in the world, and the society is highly egalitarian. Health care is free for everybody, people are guaranteed 46 weeks of paid parental leave, and Norway is the happiest country on earth.

Oh yeah. They're socialist. The state owns 30% of the value of the stock exchange, including big stakes in oil, hydroelectric, aluminum, petroleum, telecommunications and other key industries. So no, they don't want to come to this shithole country.


Gay Boy Bob said...

An important fact omitted is that this tiny country of a little over 5 million is the sixth largest oil exporter bringing in more than 40 billion in oil sales annually. Do the math.

They're RICH!

According to FORTUNE, they're the third richest nation per capita in the world so it's no mystery how they can afford all of the free stuff.

Citing socialism as the reason for all of their wealth and well-being is laughable. By that theory Venezuela should be a paradise instead of the crime-ridden shithole that it is.

And while President Trump could have phrased it better by using terms like "underdeveloped" or "third world", in the end he's right. If you can't see yourself living there, it's probably a shithole country.

Cervantes said...

Why would we not want immigrants from relatively poor countries? Africa is full of physicians and engineers and people who are five times as smart as you. And I can see myself living there. I have lots of friends who do, in fact. We have an exchange program with a university in Kenya. We've also had grad students from Ethiopia and Ghana recently. Why would you prefer Norwegians? Could it have to do, perhaps, with pigmentation?

Gay Boy Bob said...

Yes, I'm sure all of the Africans are professionals and Phd students as are all of the Salvadorans and the Haitians.

I'd like to inform you on how Norway handles immigration.

I'm sure you'll have some racist accusations for the Norwegians as well because of their immigration policies. Their first crime in your eyes is they're all WHITE.

The main thing here is that now there is not one but two tests you must pass before you can become a permanent resident in Norway.

You must pass the oral Norwegian language test at A1 level.You must pass the Social Studies test in whichever language you choose. As before you also need: — 300/600 hours of classes; — to have stayed in Norway for at least 3 years (more or less) continually maintain the main condition for your temporary visa (work, marriage, etc.); — not have committed a serious crime while in Norway.
Who the new PR regs are for

If you are between 18 and 67 years old and you submit your application after December 17th 2016 the new rules apply. If you submitted your application before that date you don’t need to worry about the new rules. Nye krav for de som skal søke om permanent oppholdstillatelse

As of January 1st 2017, new citizens must also pass two tests: — Norwegian oral (muntlig) test at minimum A2 level; — Statsborgerprøven (NEW test) in NORWEGIAN. The test is very similar but not identical to the Social Studies test for PR. But even if you already passed the Social study test for your Permanent Residency, you need to pass this test again — this time in Norwegian.