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Thursday, July 19, 2018

From Russia with Stooge

So it seems that accused Russian secret agent woman Mariia Butina was using more than her ready with and winsome smile to infiltrate conservative and Republican party institutions. She had a sexual relationship with a Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters who the prosecutor says is named U.S. Person One. I guess his name is Ulysses Simpson Person One and his father is Jack Person and his mother is Alice One . . .

Oh wait, a little birdie just landed on my shoulder and told me that his actual name is Paul Erickson, and he's a lifelong conservative activist and, err, religious leader. He founded a conservative group within Lutheranism called Word Alone and has worked with thePromise Keepers, which "champions chastity and marital fidelity." He's 56 and she's 29, so that's sweet. Unfortunately for Paul, according to the U.S. Attorney:

So it turns out he's a fly in a honeypot. That's got to hurt. But I expect the lawsuits for fraud hurt a bit as well. This whole story in The Daily Beast by Adam Rawnsley is gob smacking. He's represented the murderous dictator Mobutu Sese Seku, and flew to Nicaragua to celebrate the victory of the Contras, among other highly Christian exploits. We really need to rid our society of this cancerous "Christianity."


Anonymous said...

Paul Erikson probably took the SIMS card of his Blackberry, smashed it with a hammer and then BleachBit his server after deleting his emails when this all came out.

You can't trust these guys

Cervantes said...

Fixerated the image.

I expect Erickson destroyed what he could, but they've been reading Butina's e-mails and text messages and listening to her phone calls for quite a while now. I imagine they also scraped their apartment down to the gypsum. He may well just be a dupe -- it's not a crime to be a hypocrite and a right-wing asshole -- but whatever the case, he's having a bad day.