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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Off topic, I suppose . . .

. . . but I suppose human folly is always relevant. The Brits are in for a major crack-up because, essentially, the politicians who campaigned to leave the European Union expected to lose and didn't have a plan in case they actually won.

For those among the colonists who haven't been paying close attention to this mess, the basic problem is that Brexit is impossible to achieve without doing horrific damage to the British economy and possibly reviving the Irish problem to boot. The economy is completely dependent on the European common market. Major manufacturers with facilities in Britain say they can't do business without open borders because their supply chains are embedded in Europe. Ireland is part of the European Union which means that Brexit would require border control between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the imposition of customs.

Britain therefore has essentially no choice but to remain in the European common market but it is highly doubtful that the EU will allow them to do so without also allowing freedom of migration. The real reason most voters approved the Brexit resolution is because they didn't like having all those foreigners around. But there's no splitting that baby either. Even if they could get some kind of a deal that allowed them to stay within the common market while limiting migration, the result would be that they were still subject to the EU regulatory regime but had no vote in Brussels.

So it cannot work. The Tories have flailed and dithered and fiddled and diddled for the past two years trying to find a wormhole to escape through but there isn't one. There are lessons for us there as well.


Anonymous said...

Let's all remember that Brexit was a referendum promised by politicians if they would be put in power. It was the voters that decided.

The EU forced immigration policy on Britain. The clash of cultures, including those who want the social services and the economic benefits but really don't like being British subjects, fueled the anti-EU sentiment that won that vote.

The same sentiment that won the Brexit vote is giving rise to the political right in many countries (think Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany) that feel Brussels has screwed them over on immigration and other issues.

Cervantes said...

The usual racist canard that immigrants don't work and are just there for the welfare. Disgusting rot.

Don Quixote said...

Let's all remember that Vlad Putin also fucked with the Brexit vote.

So let's not kid ourselves that "the voters" decided. The voters, as here, were manipulated. If that happens here in Novemeber--i.e., Russian hacking of voting machines--all hell will break loose. Many of us U.S. citizens are not going to stand by while Vlad and his stooge, Shitler, destroy our country.

Anonymous said...

It's always a good idea to go to the source and...ya' know...actually ASK why instead of making stuff up to fit your preferred narrative.

Findings from the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey published on Wednesday show Brexit was the result of widespread concern over the numbers of people coming to the UK – millions of whom have done so under the EU’s freedom of movement rules in recent years.

The research, collated by the National Centre for Social Research through a survey of nearly 3,000 British people, states suggestions by politicians and others that the Brexit vote represented a lightning rod for a general disenchantment with politics were “widely off the mark”.

"Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of those who are worried about immigration voted Leave, compared with 36 per cent of those who did not identify this as a concern, the research found, showing the discrepancy in views about immigration between Remain and Leave voters.

It also reveals that the longer any given voter felt EU migrants should have lived in the UK before qualifying for welfare benefits, the more likely they were to vote to leave the EU.

Don Quixote said...

Yeah, because those people you refer to are racists like yourself.

So that justifies their actions?

You never learn, do you? People supported Stalin, too ... he must be what they wanted.

People supported the Bushes' wars in Iraq. They must have been justified.

People supported segregation.

You confuse popular support with justice.

And popular support is constantly manipulated ... now more than ever.

And your racism clouds your judgment ... but that is IMPOSSIBLE to explain to you. Telling you you're a racist ... is like trying to explain water to a fish. Until he's been out of it.

I suggest you go to a country where you're a minority and live there a long time. Only then will you understand. Only then will we hear the lovely sucking sound of your head being unwillingly pulled from your ass.

Anonymous said... does it work?

Don Quixote said...

Your snarkiness aside ... well, you're nothing if not snarky.

We don't have, nor did we ever have, a democracy. You know this.

We have a representative republic established in 1787, about which Franklin said, "It will work for awhile."

We've reached the breaking point. We now have a sociopathic, narcissistically disturbed racist agent of Russia in the White House. We are truly in deep shit as the traitor, SHITLER, threatens that republic with the abetting of men like Mitch McConnell, also a traitor.

Democracy is a great idea. Unfortunately, we've never had one here. You must think you're in a different country.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm discussing the British Brexit referendum, the subject of the post.

What are you discussing?

Don Quixote said...

Right. I got off topic. But people's thoughts and emotions were manipulated in England as well re: Brexit.

"An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy."

"A well-informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny."

--Thomas Jefferson

You get the idea.

What we have now, with Putin's direction, in Britain and the USA is a well-MISinformed citizenry. And they vote accordingly. So don't talk to me about what the people want! Their consent is being manufactured. That ain't democracy. It's Orwellian tyranny.

Anonymous said...

This is the second strawman argument you've made in this thread.

The first was labeling anyone who voted for Brexit a racist when you have no evidence of that whatsoever and then explaining why that "fact" made the vote illegitimate.

The second was just now by saying that "people's {sic} thoughts and emotions were manipulated in england as well...". Again, you've not shown any evidence of that as well.

If you want to make your case...stay on topic and don't twist on on hating the president. And have some evidence of your wild statements

Don Quixote said...

Your response is completely invalid for because of your usual flaws.

1) You misquote me and attribute things to me I never wrote--i.e., saying I labeled "anyone who voted for Brexit a racist ..."

Patently untrue. Why do you constantly make shit up?

2) You provide "evidence" all the time ... like the one article in a thousand that says global warming is not anthropogenic. That doesn't make your false stance any truer. Your "evidence" is just opinion. Just because Bush jr. said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq didn't make it true. You think, apparently, that supplying printed material that backs up your position makes your position valid. Just have your position, man. If it's valid, it's valid.

3) I don't hate the president. Shitler hates himself. I think he's a terrible, horrible, awful person. He ain't worth hating.

This is why I don't like communicating with you. It's a waste of time. You keep doing the same shit over and over. And you probably feel the same way about me.

So I won't respond to your posts and you can return the favor :-)

Anonymous said...

Directly from the comment in this thread:

"Yeah, because those people you refer to are racists like yourself.

Bad wiring

Don Quixote said...

Yeah, the ones who voted because of racism.

You're an idiot and malevolent.

I'm done with you.

Leave me the fuck alone, loser.

Don Quixote said...

For anyone unfortunate enough to witness the turbulence between myself and the malevolent ignoramus who cowardly calls himself "Anonymous" (he may or may not be the former "GBB") ...

I am done with him and his foolishness. He's an unteachable idiot and I shall never respond to him again. He does not seem to have any self-respect or respect for others, so he may respond to me even though I've asked him not to.

Barring that, I may ask Cervantes to implement a more stringent screening process for leaving comments.

Mark P said...

Those poor Brits. If only the PM had followed Trump's negotiating advice, they would be sitting pretty, with all their problems safely receding in the rearview mirror, just like here in the US. Or possibly not.

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