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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Bobby three sticks and a whole mob of lawyers

Martin Longman briefly recites the truly unbelievable reality in which we live, unless this all turns out to be a bad acid trip.

Federal prosecutors in New York City issued expansive subpoenas to President Trump's inaugural committee on Monday and they are reportedly seeking interviews with executives at the Trump Organization.  Trump's campaign chairman will be sentenced on March 13, likely to what will amount to life in prison. His former personal lawyer has been sentenced to three years in prison and will be provided damning testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee before reporting to prison on March 6th. His former deputy campaign chairman is still cooperating with prosecutors and so is his former national security advisor, but both of them will eventually be sentenced and do substantial time behind bars. In December, the Trump Foundation ceased to exist as part of a criminal settlement with the New York state attorney general's office. Meanwhile, the president is facing numerous serious allegations of felonious wrongdoing that include campaign finance violations, bank fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and a potential criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people by colluding with a foreign government to pervert a presidential election.
Uhm, yeah. You would think that a president in that set of situations might be in a little bit of trouble, but instead everybody is worrying how to stop him from being re-elected.

There were rumors floating around CNN the past couple of days that the Mueller investigation is "winding up" and we can expect his report soon, this in the context of the CW that congress can't do anything until they get that report. Which they won't, because the "Attorney General" is going to sink it to the bottom of the Marianis Trench. However, I'm pretty sure it isn't coming any time soon. Mueller just extended his grand jury for 6 months, he has only just started going through Roger Stone's devices, the investigation into the inaugural committee has a whole lot to do with Russians so that's probably within his writ, the Supreme Court has yet to rule on the mysterious foreign-owned corporation that's resisting his subpoena, and he's looking at money laundering and conspiracy going back for at least 15 years. There are something like 18 sealed indictments in the D.C. federal court, many of which are no doubt his.

So the report doesn't matter, but the indictments and the trials will. At some point General Flynn's sentencing memorandum will also be unredacted and I'm pretty sure that's a big deal since the judge, in refusing to accept the ultra-light sentence, called Flynn a traitor. What will happen, even as Mueller's report gets shot into the black hole at the center of the galaxy, is that we'll get the picture in due course. Will that be fast enough to save us from annihilation? We shall see.

Update: I find it quite bizarre that one response we get to all this is that we shouldn't rush to judgment and we need to wait till all the evidence is in. Also, too, that the Mueller investigation has taken longer than some people expected is evidence that he hasn't found any wrongdoing. Please take a look at Booman's summary:

  • Campaign chair found guilty of multiple felonies, will likely spend rest of life in federal prison.
  • National Security Advisor pleads guilty to felonies, has received reduction in recommended sentence for cooperating, but judge doesn't accept the recommendation and accuses him of treason.
  • Lawyer pleads guilty to multiple felonies, directly implicating president in their commission, will go to prison for three years.
  • Trump Foundation ordered closed and characterized by NYAG as a criminal enterprise.
And there's more! Sure, it is likely to get worse, much worse, when we learn all the details. But isn't this enough already? BTW this gang of career criminals is so stupid they apparently didn't realize that Mueller has FISA warrants. He knows everything.


Don Quixote said...

Holy crap! What a narrative! And yes, it is so bizarre and terrifying that it's real. To describe the ineffable treachery of Shitler and his cohorts, we need a word the description of which goes far beyond "chutzpah."

Mark P said...

It's like an alternate reality. Imagine this situation with Obama or Clinton.

Don Quixote said...

Great update, terrific summary. Yes, the "alternate reality" is utterly false and kept in place by Fox and other libelous, slanderous, completely trashy and malevolent so-called media outlets. In other words, capitalistic propaganda tools. Funded by the Kochs and enabled by the Kochsuckers in the Senate and on benches.