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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This time its personal . . .

Posting may be light for a couple of days because I'm actually, personally, sick. Probably nothing serious but I could have Lyme disease. I'm off to see the doc in a few minutes. I may have something of interest to say about my personal experience here, but then as I thought that it occurred to me that I in fact do have a highly relevant autobiographical tidbit to talk about, so I'm planning on doing that.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at today's headlines, shall we?

  1. Healthcare premiums to leap again. Health insurance premiums are expected to rise by more than 10% next year -- for the sixth consecutive year. Employers will raise employees' share of the premium, and many will be forced to drop insurance. Those who keep it will have higher co-pays and deductibles.
  2. With Senate away, Bolton goes to the UN. No comment, because I lack the literary talent to do justice to this one.
  3. Bush resolute on Rove despite alleged role in leak. Karl's got his complete confidence, it seeems. Well of course. Outing Ms. Wilson was probably Georgie's idea in the first place -- it's the first one he's had since he got the idea of shoving firecrackers up frogs when he was a kid, and naturally he's proud of it.
  4. Marine problems plague pacific. It seems the prevailing winds, that normally push warm, stagnant water away from the Pacific coast and allow the upwelling of nutrient rich deep waters, have failed. Fish, birds, and everything else are dying. Is it related to global warming? Time will tell. Oh, sorry -- global warming is junk science pushed by environmental extremists. Never mind.
  5. Ex-agent says CIA wanted false data. Specifically, he claims in a lawsuit that he reported that Iraq had not reconstituted its nuclear program, and they fired him for refusing to falsify the intelligence. So what else is new?
  6. Bush endorses "intelligent design." I think Bush himself is a pretty clear refutation of that theory.
  7. Sunday talk shows said to lack diversity. Well duhhhhh.
  8. Hillary is kicking off her unofficial run for president by calling for expanding the U.S. military. Oh boy, it's about time we had a serious opposition party.

But there's hope, folks. Maybe the good people in Ohio's second congressional district will prove that there's a limit somewhere. And if they don't, we'll have a great time in the next couple of years at the expense of the demented majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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