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Thursday, August 04, 2005

You can observe a lot by just watching

Regarding the post below:

1) Why was the waiting room full of poor people who were, in fact, waiting? And why did I go right in, while they all continued their endless wait?

Bonus points: Why is the waiting room so crumby, anyway? The rest of the hospital is really posh.

2) Who was the young woman who sexually assaulted me before the real doctor came along, who admitted me to the hospital? What was she doing there? Why the redundant examination?

Bonus points: Why the seemingly irrelvant questions about my sex life?

More bonus points: Why did the doctor have to give me a DRE, even though he had already decided I had acute appendicitis and the negative DRE didn't change his diagnosis?

If you're a steady reader, you should have enough information for question 1. Question 2, admittedly, introduces some new material.

I'll wait to see if I get any comments before I give my answers.

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