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Monday, December 12, 2005

Administrative Statements

First of all, for reasons that are too complicated to explain here, I've lost access to my e-mail until Wednesday at the earliest. If I don't have time to catch up when I get back to Boston, but before my Wednesday night class, I won't be able to use e-mail till Thursday. Sorry.

Numero dos. Get Firefox. Forget about Explorer.

3. If anybody who happens to be reading this is at APHA, the session on blogging is at 4:30 in the Convention Center, Room 103C. It turns out you can't stick up flyers everywhere at this one as is usually possible, so it's a little hard to publicize.

D. I'll be blogging about the meeting later tonight, I hope, and tomorrow morning, but might not be able to get much up about events tomorrow until Thursday. It's been great, interesting, worthwhile. But it's only a meeting of people who already mostly agree with each other about the stuff that matters the most. That's the frustrating part.

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