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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just so you know . . .

You may not hear from me again till Friday - I'll try to get something up Thursday but it will be tough.

The panel on bloggers was great, a lot of fun. We had a good audience -- quite a few of the people have their own blogs, in fact, but what is most amazing is that some of them actually read this one. As I said, I was among people with truly influential sites, but the session needed the perspective of a regular person, I think.

A lot of discussion was about where this technology is going. There are many ways to use it that we haven't tried yet, blogs as well as wikis, and a lot that could be done to bring order to the public health blogosphere, help people find their way around, develop cooperative projects, and use the technology to coordinate the development of ideas, organizing, activism, discourse -- I hope we'll have the chance here to try some new things, and I'm even negotiating that with a couple of people.

The conference has given me considerable material, so I'll be writing about it in the days ahead. Had a long day though, have to drive back to Boston tomorrow and teach a class tomorrow night. So, expect me when you see me.

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