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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just thought this was interesting . . .

While I'm too busy to post anything substantive right now (proposal writing) here are the "top stories" from the CNN web site as of 12:25 pm, Eastern Time:

# Powerful quake reported near New Zealand
# Gunmen storm garage in Baghdad
# Horses tread back-high flood to safety
# King warns Saudi media about women's pictures
# Adopted dog helps save girl with cracked skull
# Teen jailed for her own safety, prosecutors say
# Bubonic plague found in mice at campground
# Zoo visitors shocked as bears eat monkey
# Report: U.S. cultural treasures could be history
# 'Da Vinci Code' prompts parody from albinos
# Paris Hilton's Mother's Day gifts stolen
# Bars require fingerprints to get a beer
# Bonds says he's haunted by Babe Ruth

So yeah, okay, there is at least one legitimate story in there. The NZ quake was near some uninhabited islands and did no damage, but you now, it's an earthquake! While the gunmen were storming the garage, four (4) U.S. troops were being killed in Iraq (bringing the daily average of dead coalition troops this month to 3.25, the highest since January of 2005 -- but hell, who's counting? -- there's still no Iraqi government, Iraqi children are starving, and a couple of hundred Iraqis are blown up, tortured to death, or shot every day -- maybe they'll get around to reporting on some of that. But Paris Hilton's Mother's Day gifts -- now that's news we need to know.

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