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Saturday, May 13, 2006

State Secrets

You really need to pay attention when you read the paper. The NYT article about Dusty Foggo (whose identical but totally opposite twin Fusty Doggo has graced us with a visit) has this buried smack in the middle:

Among those identified as a co-conspirator in [Duke Cunningham's] plea agreement was Brent Wilkes of San Diego . . . . Mr. Wilkes's nephew Joel Combs led a company with a multi-million dollar contract to provide bottled water to the CIA in Iraq, a contract reissued through a local company to disguise the CIA's role.

Once again, the New York Times has sold out the country to The Terrorists. Now they know that the CIA agents in Iraq consume millions of dollars worth of bottled water. We don't know how many millions of dollars were in the contract, but multi- means at least two. We also don't know the time frame of the contract but federal contracts are usually done by fiscal year, so let's say it's 12 months. So let's be conservative, and call it $2 million a year. Down at the Stop & Shop a half gallon of Zazz seltzer costs $1.29, but buying wholesale, and in bulk, I figure they ought to be able to get a gallon of water for less than a buck. Two million gallons of water a year is about 5,480 gallons a day. It gets mighty hot in Iraq so I suppose the average CIA agent might drink a half gallon a day or even a little more. So I figure, there are at least 10,000 CIA agents in Iraq.

Now let's see if they try to classify this blog.

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