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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Slacker Sunday: More from The Weirdness File

Having just done the Today in Iraq post, I probably shouldn't say what I'm feeling right now, on this weekend which was set aside to remember the casualties of war but is instead reserved, in most cities and towns, for the glorification of war and the celebration of militarism. So here is something that a man placed in the New York Times a few years back, as a quarter page ad. Does he have the answer?

Does the Theory of Relativity Apply to Motions of Society?

The proper combination of about 10^30 terrestrial atoms makes an average human being. Multiplied by 6 billion inhabitants of Eart, it makes a society which exists in perpetual mutual inter-action with its environment-Earth, Sun. Society is thus subject to the general laws of motion of the universe and constitutes a unified physico-economic formation.

Energy required to sustain and develop society comes, first of all, from food which humans produce, no longer collect as animals.

Production presupposes expenditure of human kinetic energy in a more or less organized way affected by the evolution of the instruments of labor. Changes in the content and form of production trigger changes in the content and form of society -- and, medieval, modern, which also display common features:

1) A sum total of humans -- Social Mass (SM).
2) Socially produced necessities of life whose elctro-chemical energy is used in various ways to maintain and develop all aspects of Life -- Life-Sustaining Energy (LSE);
3) Production of a given quantity of goods during a given quantity of time, i.e. Lanbor Productivity (LP) which is but a flow of human kinetic energy transmitted to, transformed, multiplied by hand tools and machines.

Growth, stagnation, collapse of any society depends primarily on the velocity of motion of labor productivity AND its ability to maintain proper relations with distribution and consumption that constantly, relentlessly press for a quantitative and qualitative acceleration of production.

Thus the velocity of motion of ACTUAL labor productivity DEPENDS ON the velocity of SOSCIALLY NECESSARY labor productivity which reflects the energy needs of society.

The relation between the total energy of the social mass, ET,sm; the social mass at rest, SMo; its energy at rest, Eo,SM; the velocity of actual labor productivity, VofActLP; the velocity of socially necessary labor productivity, VofNecLP, appears to be as outlined in the equation below where VofNecLP equals 1 relative to any time of choice.

As VofActLP approaches VofNecLP, mass, Et,sm, grows in quantity and quality. it is therefore a function of velocity of VofActLP. Apparently Einstein's theories link up with socio-economics and merge into relativistic physico-economics.

Eq. 5, a form of the universal law E=MC^2, affects, hence changes all aspects of human life. That is why it emerges as the basic physico-economic law of motion of any society, any time, any place. How could it be otherwise when it constitutes a mere extension of the continuing evolution of non-living physical bodies into living on all fertile planets?

Indeed, how could it be otherwise?

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