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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A conspiracy so immense . . .

Serious wing nut Cliff Kincaid, of extremist media attack dog Accuracy in Media, blames l'affaire Foley on a homosexual conspiracy that has infiltrated the Republican party. "House leaders permitted homosexuals to infiltrate and manipulate the party apparatus while they publicly postured as friends of family values and traditional marriage."

Kincaid concludes, "For the sake of honest and open government, not to mention protection of the children, the secret Capitol Hill homosexual network must be exposed and dismantled. But only Republican leaders can do that. Their failure to do so suggests that the network may go higher and deeper—and have more power—than even the New York Times article indicated."

So at last we know the real reason for the failures of Republican government in Iraq, New Orleans, Afghanistan; the immense federal budget deficits; the disloyalty of scientists in federal employ who insist that burning fossil fuel causes global warming and FDA-approved drugs are dangerous; the polling data that shows that Republican control of congress is threatened. It's not the commies any more, and it's not the Jewish financiers (although Kincaid still things George Soros just might have had something to do with this), it's not even the appeasers of terrorists who cruelly and deviously subjected Joe Lieberman to the reprehensible indignity of an election. It's the homos, directed from their secret HQ at Mr. P's near Dupont Circle. Ken Mehlman really needs to do something about this.

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