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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Somebody else must have caught this . . .

But I haven't noticed it anywhere before. Dennis Hastert hasn't issued any press releases since late September, but here's his last release from August:

Hastert Drives Effort To 'Keep Kids Safe In Cyberspace'

Congressman leads Community Meeting addressing Internet safety

ST. CHARLES – Congressman J. Dennis Hastert brought national experts together with community leaders and parents on Tuesday for a 14th District Community Meeting to share information and insights on protecting children from Online predators.

Held at St. Charles North High School, “Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace,” included representatives of local police agencies and a panel of national Internet and law enforcement experts highlighting efforts to make the Internet safer for children. A private question-and-answer session followed, where parents addressed specific concerns and situations with police and web providers.

“Recent news stories remind us that there are predators using the Internet to target children,” Hastert said. “And just as we warn our children about ‘stranger danger’ when they are at the park or answering the door or telephone, we need to be aware of potential dangers in Cyberspace.”

Recent arrests in the Chicago area and throughout the nation have highlighted the danger of Internet predators. According to a recent Justice Department study, one in seven children using the Internet has been sexually solicited and one in three has been exposed to unwanted sexual material. One in 11 children have been harassed.

Hastert highlighted efforts underway in Congress to protect children on the Internet, including recent House passage of the “Deleting Online Predators” Act, which requires schools and libraries to limit access to social networking and pornographic websites, and calls on the Federal Trade Commission to launch a tips and information website for parents. Panelists representing, Comcast, Microsoft, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Naperville Police Department Internet Crimes Unit also addressed their organizational efforts to promote safety.

You can't make this shit up.

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