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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope the new look isn't too much of a shock

But hey, a whole lot can change in one night.

It wasn't quite as good a day as we hoped for. Proposition 8 apparently passed in California, which is truly terrible news. The collective wisdom of Alaska was reflected in their returning two felons to high office, Michelle Bachmann, Saxy Chambliss, and some other truly revolting people managed to get re-elected. Obama's win, while decisive, was not really a blowout and it is evident that there are a lot of people in this country who respond to tribalism, divisiveness, and ugly, empty rhetoric.

But I'm still not going to sell this moment short. Go ahead and hold onto that glow for a little while, at least. But now the really hard work begins. We will never have a truly democratic society if we just depend on touching a screen or filling out a paper form every couple of years. We will never overcome the profound challenges we face if we just elect some people we like and walk away. It's great that we will have a talented president who can inspire people, but you need to get inspired enough to act, to be continually involved in politics, public policy, and community activism. What the Obama victory means is that we're all in this together. Now let's be there.


C. Corax said...

Nice, nice, clean look, Cervantes. Congratulations!

This news item really tickled me:

At least 1,000 people gathered on Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House late Tuesday night, shouting "Obama! Obama!" and "Yes we can!" Uniformed Secret Service officers were overheard, saying they'd never seen anything like it.

After the preemptive house raids before the Republican convention, it's good to know we can still take the bastards by surprise. And fortunately, it remained peaceful.

roger said...

wow!! change is good.

well, the calif change is not good.

whisker said...

Whatever became of the monkey on the pedestal?


kathy a. said...

so long, chimpy.

very disappointing about prop 8. but i'm joyful about some of the other news.

robin andrea said...

Nice look, cervantes. I like it.

Yes, the outcome of Prop 8 doesn't look good, but I am still quite elated by the Obama's win. I think he will inspire many to action and community service. I am hopeful.

Cervantes said...

In answer to Whisker's question:

So long Chimpy, you are toast.
No longer will we hear you boast
Of how you're strong and resolute,
For you are going down the chute,
Along with all your thieving cronies,
The lying, chickenhawkish phonies.
And when at last they burst your bubble
And your legacy is rubble
You will stand revealed in whole --
A hollow man, without a soul.

kathy a. said...

and poetry! you are a renaissance man, cervantes.

Jean Valjean said...

Excellent little couplets, Cervantes. Saxby Chambliss is an asshole. Bachmann is crazy. I'm stating the obvious.

Heard Obama's speech last night and was transfixed. Watched it today, online, and cried.

There is hope.

Ana said...

I like the general look, and the blue color is good, chimpy gone is great, I was sick to death of him.

Comments however are not as readable, the format is less serious (with the stuff on the right) -

have to see how it goes I suppose..