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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What else is there to say?

Nothing to do but wait. The polls in Massachusetts open at 7:00. When I got in line at 8:00, it stretched around the block. The polling place was very well organized and efficient, I only waited about 45 minutes; but the line wasn't getting any shorter behind me. Later this morning, I walked by a polling place in Chinatown, and the line was also around the block, so it wasn't just people trying to get their vote in before work -- the traffic has been steady, and the lines substantial, all day.

It's a gorgeous fall day here. The mood was calm, determined, and mildly festive. Of course our vote doesn't matter. Now that Diane Wilkerson has found an unusually expensive method of stuffing her bra there are actually no meaningful electoral contests on the Jamaica Plain ballot, although there are 3 ballot questions that draw considerable interest. But the main thing is, people want to be a part of history.

Am I worried? Not really -- it doesn't seem as though we should be. But after two stolen elections in a row, and knowing the utter amorality and ruthlessness of the opposition, it's hard not to be. Not to mention the horrific consequences if McCain is somehow declared the victor. American democracy has never been all it's cracked up to be, but it would be very sad indeed to see even the pretense die before our eyes.

Well, that's very unlikely. Tomorrow we will wake up knowing that we at least have a chance. After the oppressive weight of the past eight years, that will feel awfully good.

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