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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This "Deep Thought" thing is apparently fashionable

So I might as well have a couple.

Lean years are ahead for cartoonists and satirists. Let's face it, Obama is a hard man to mock. He's cool, calm, pragmatic, smart, articulate and physically graceful. He has big ears but that's about all you've got to work with. We'll see what they come up with but SNL may struggle for ratings.

John McCain's concession speech was extremely gracious, appeared to be entirely sincere and reflective of a genuine commitment to the national interest. In other words, it was like he had a brain transplant. Where has that guy been for the past few months? That John McCain might even have won. Has the senator been kidnapped and replaced by a clever impostor? Or did he suddenly start taking his meds again? WTF?

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kathy a. said...

maybe JM got back on his meds. whatever. it was a speech i needed to hear, and didn't expect. his crowd couldn't do him [or anyone else] the decency of listening instead of booing. the cartoonists may still have material with which to work.

whisker said...

He said at an interview about DC voteing rights that there are other more important issues. Ending the war in Iraq. I still can't find a proper transcript of this. five years of my life dedicated to such idiotcy might be over soon.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so McCain is a myth, not a maverick. Meaning, his maverickiness and his warm personality are myths. All he was was someone who invited the press to use his tire swing. That said, if he had a shred of decency buried anywhere in him, that buried part must have sighed with relief when the campaign ended and he was finally rid of the Wasilla hillbillies. He surely loathed her.

Anonymous said...

He couldn't stand her. Had trouble hiding his cringing.